Dúas ponencias no congreso Ganimedes

The adjective iókolpos and the mysteric-aischrologic backdrop of Herodas’ work On March 4th, at the IX Ganimedes congress, held virtually this year due to Covid, the researchers in training Pablo Torres París and Elena García Paleo gave their first lectures at the Greek literature table. Pablo Torres analyzed the poetic adjective iókolpos, ‘violet-bosomed’, present only in the corpus of Sappho and in a single Attic inscription, and its possible connection with youth and partheneía. Elena García examined the obscene elements of Herodas’s work and its relationship with the mystery realm, paying special attention to the sixth and seventh mimes, where elements such as the hapax baubón or the allusions to the poet Nossis seem to evoke the codes characteristic of the cult of Persephone in Epizephirian Locri.